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You’ll find lots of 兼职工作 for 学生 in and around 南安普顿, including many on our campuses. Taking on part-time work can give you experience that will help when it’s time to apply for graduate jobs.

We can help you find work

As a University of 南安普顿 student, we can help you find work locally, including:

  • 兼职工作
  • temporary work that fits around your studies
  • paid internships and work placements
  • projects helping to solve real issues for local businesses
  • volunteering opportunities

We offer workshops and drop-in advice sessions to develop your employability skills, both for now and when you graduate.


All our campuses are within 30 minutes of the city centre by public transport, but there are also job opportunities right on campus.

You could become a Student Ambassador, leading activities and being a role model to young people. Alternatively, you could work with the 学生的联盟 或承担 temporary campus jobs, doing anything from catering to being a guest lecturer.

Work restrictions for international 学生

If you’re coming to the UK on a general student visa (Tier 4), you can work up to 20 hours a week during term time. This doesn’t include work placements that are part of your course.

We’ll help you understand what you can and can’t do under your visa.

兼职工作 and your student loans

As a UK undergraduate student living at home before your course starts money that you earn from a part-time job should not affect your student loans. This is because the money that you are entitled to depends on your family's household income.

If you are in other circumstances, such as living with a partner or supporting yourself as an independent student, then you will still be assessed on your household income and this may include your part-time earnings.

Find out more in the government's Student Finance Guide 2020/21.


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