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The University of Southampton

Consultancy services


We work with businesses of all sizes, 慈善机构和公共部门组织提供咨询,将这些知识转化为新的商业产品, innovative services and ways of working. 与团队成员交谈,讨论足球世界杯买球app如何支持您的业务需求.

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Consultancy in action

足球世界杯买球app提供全方位的专业知识,有专门和经验丰富的员工提供咨询服务. 足球世界杯买球app的协作经理团队将讨论您的需求, 足球世界杯买球app可以通过不同的方式与您合作,并找到您需要的专业知识.

Consultancy projects

Our team at the world-renowned 沃尔夫森海洋技术和工业空气动力学小组(WUMTIA) 与英国体育合作,提供自行车和许多其他领先运动的知识和见解.

Our experts at ISVR Consulting measured and assessed crew noise exposures in civil aircraft for three airlines, in light aircraft used for training flight crew, 以及警察空中支援部队使用的直升机和固定翼飞机.

足球世界杯买球app在南安普顿海洋与海事研究所(SMMI)的专家与大公司合作,帮助解决海洋环境和整个社会面临的一些重大挑战, 与当地企业合作,帮助它们在全球舞台上实现竞争力最大化,确保为该地区乃至整个英国创造财富和就业机会.

consultancy services

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Industry expertise

Our areas of research and industry expertise are wide-ranging, 从生物医学到环境科学,从网络开发到表面工程.

Full list of specific research topics

Our enterprise units


ECS Partners Ltd

ECS Partners Ltd 是利用足球世界杯买球app领先的电子和计算机科学研究人员的技能和能力的商业咨询服务吗.


GeoData: Specialising in environmental data management, analysis and processing, geographic information systems (GIS), database and web development.

GAU Radioanalytical

GAU Radioanalytical:提供各类辐射光谱分析等专家服务, X-ray fluorescence analysis, elemental mass spectrometry, 进行中试研究和实地抽样调查,并提供咨询意见.

Institute for Life Sciences

Institute for Life Sciences:世界领先的生物工程、生物医学和生物科学专业知识.

ISVR Consulting (Sound and Vibration)

ISVR Consulting (Sound and Vibration):提供声学方面的商业咨询和合同研究, noise, vibration, speech intelligibility, hearing and audio communication, vehicle dynamics and shock analysis.

IT Innovation Centre

IT Innovation Centre:将研究界的新技术应用于工商业问题. Past outputs have included research reports, white papers, proofs-of-concept, demonstrators and novel operational systems.

Materials Characterisation

国有企业提供了一系列材料表征工具,这些工具在识别材料和研究其性能方面非常有用. The facilities available include Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), X-ray Diffraction (XRD), 元素和同位素质谱表征(ICP-MS研究设施), Stable Isotope Analysis (SIRMS Laboratory) and a Material Preparation Facility.

Please contact us using the emails to discuss your requirement. 

Pearce R.B.  Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

Milton J.A Elemental and Isotopic Characterisation by Mass Spectrometry
(ICP-MS Research Facility)

Hambach B. B Hambach B. Stable isotope analysis (SIRMS Laboratory)

Doran D.E Materials Preparation Facility

nC2 Engineering Consultancy

nC2 Engineering Consultancy 为摩擦学、表面科学和材料工程领域的工业提供解决方案. The state of the art equipment utilised can produce abrasive, 腐蚀性或腐蚀性模拟环境,为工业客户提供材料测试, who include sports, oil & gas, manufacturing, transport and medical sectors.

The nC² staff, 与常驻学者合作使用法医材料检查和特征技术来调查和诊断组件故障, providing documented evidence where needed.

Research Institute for Industry

Research Institute for Industry:涵盖广泛工程学科的专业知识和专业设施, including acoustical, aerospace, biomedical, civil, computational, electro-mechanical, environmental, geotechnical and materials engineering, energy technologies, ship science and transportation.

Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute: A unique internationally recognised centre of excellence, bringing together research, innovation and education communities from universities, research institutes, industry and governments.

Web Science Institute

Web Science Institute:汇集世界领先的跨学科专业知识,以解决当今世界互联网和更广泛社会面临的最紧迫的全球挑战, 观察社会和组织行为以及支撑技术.

Wessex Institute

Wessex Institute: A multidisciplinary group of researchers, clinicians, managers and academics providing high-quality, practice-based research in health and healthcare.

Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics

Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics: Offering a range of services including towing tank testing, wind tunnel testing, CFD (computational fluid dynamics), 用于性能评估和设计的船舶建筑软件, noise and vibration analysis, full scale trials, and specialist services such as expert witness, failure investigations, hull lines scanning and performance prediction.

Zepler Institute

Zepler Institute: The largest photonics and electronics institute in the UK, 提供欧洲最全面的纳米电子学和光子学制造设备之一.

University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service

University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service: 成立于1990年,以完善的科学研究为基础,提供高质量的服务,以帮助重度重度耳聋成人, 英国南部和海峡群岛的儿童和青少年.


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